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Welcome to Alcott Elementary School!
Alcott Elementary School is located in Riverside, CA and is one of 52 schools in Riverside Unified. It is a public school that serves approximately 775 students in grades K-6. Our mascot is the Alleycat and our school colors are blue and yellow. Built in 1961, Alcott was named in honor of author Louisa May Alcott who wrote one of the most widely read books of the 19th Century, Little Women. In the spirit of Louisa May Alcott, a lifelong learner, our motto is "Learn More, Be More!" 

AtAlcott Elementary School, we develop well-rounded, intelligent, and curiousstudents through a strong partnership between parents, students, teachers, andthe community at large. We foster a collaborative culture where all studentslearn at optimal levels and thrive socially and emotionally. Studentsdemonstrate high levels of achievement on assessments and through the creativeprocesses of music, art, and drama. 



Ourvision for an exemplary school is centered on continuously improving studentachievement. We understand that our collective and collaborative investment inrigorous and meaningful work will engage students who are performing at everylevel of achievement.


Weenvision a school where all students have access to curriculum andextra-curricular activities that enhance the central mission of learning. Studentsare expected to ask questions and seek answers. They listen to one another,reflect upon their learning, and offer insight to enhance their understandingof content.


Weenvision a school where all students can become productive citizens andlifelong learners. In our school, adults model the tenets of good citizenshipthat we expect in our students and they are given the building blocks they needto succeed. These building blocks include character development, highexpectations for learning, and a warm and encouraging environment wherestudents feel safe to learn and grow.


Thefuture of our society depends on the citizens we create today!

·        Alcott offers curricula and after school programs that emphasize high academic achievementand character development.

·        Fully-credentialed teaching staff

·        27 general educationclasses and 3 special education classes


·        Journey to Success Program based on John Wooden's Pyramid of Success

·        Free H.E.A.R.T.S. after school program (Helping Elementary Achievers Reach The Stars)

·        RUSD Band Program 5-6

·        Visual Arts Program K-6 

·        Intervention Program: During instructional day and after school

·        Accelerated Reader Program
·        Scholar Awards each trimester

·        Science Fair

·        Parent Groups: including School Site Council, English Learner Advisory Committee, Alcott School Foundation

·       Parent Workshops and Family Events throughout the year