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The Riverside STEM Academy strives to offer students the most enriching educational environment possible. We believe participation in athletics offers learning opportunities outside of the classroom to develop traits critical to their future success. These include teamwork, hard work, the ability overcome adversity, problem solving, dedication, time management, honesty, integrity, self discipline, strategic thinking...the list can go on and on. Plus, the lifelong benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle are a priceless component of your child's involvement in athletics.
Athletic programs at the middle school level require community involvement to be successful. If you are interested in coaching or assisting with a sport at RSA please contact Dale Moore at dmoore@rusd.k12.ca.us.  Additional information about coaching clearance can be found here.
Girls Volleyball
Coaches: 7th grade - TBD        
                  8th grade - TBD
Boys Basketball
Coaches:   7th grade - TBD       
                  8th grade - TBD
Girls Basketball
Coaches:   7th grade - TBD         
                  8th grade - TBD
Coaches :  7th grade boys - TBD
                  7th grade girls - TBD
                  8th Grade boys  - TBD
                  8th Grade girls - TBD
Track and Field 
Coaches:   7th grade girls - TBD
                  8th grade girls - TBD
                  7th grade boys - TBD
                  8th grade boys - TBD